Economic Conditions after Coronavirus Outbreak

Worlds Condition after Corona Virus designed by Riz Witz Solutions

As we know that Covid–19 has been spread throughout the world in 207 countries. In this situation Rizwitz Solution has observed that the economic conditions of all the countries have fallen down and the economy of each and every country has nearly fallen to zero. As all of the countries are in the state of war with a hidden enemy.

Covid–19 is a crisis like no other. It seems that all of us are in war and all the people are dying. But in this war our Doctors, nurses and other paramedical staff are on front line and fighting continuously against this disease to save more and more people. Those in essential services, food distribution, delivery, and public utilities work overtime to support the efforts, because they are the front line soldiers who are fighting directly against this hidden enemies and also dying like a soldier and martyred.

The whole is spending all of the income in buying and purchasing medical kits and during this crisis, our Team is supporting and appreciating the soldiers that are on the frontline to fight against this disease. On the other side we haves raised an issue that during these situations, the poor across the globe are suffering from hunger and shortage of income. In this situation, our team solutions is trying to collect donations and food items in order to facilitate the poor and those people who are unable to gain the income for their children.

This is a main challenge for advanced economies whose governments can easily finance an extraordinary increase in expenditures even as their revenues are dropping day by day.

We the Team of Rizwitz Solutions are hopeful that this disease will be soon cured and the economy of every country will come to its normal condition Inshaa Allah. We make a promise that whenever our soldiers needed us, we will be on the frontline with them.