Covid 19 History, Situation & Effects

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Covi-19 Introduction:

Covid- 19 or Coronovirus is a type of viruses that attacks the respiratory systems of living organisms. As we know that virus is a microorganism which is non-living in nature and feeds on living bodies. So Coronavirus enters the body of living organisms through nose or mouth in to the trachea and then through trachea it reaches into the lungs of human body.


This disease was emerged in China in December 2019. As of now , researchers know that the new corona virus is spread through droplets released into the air when an infected person coughs because the virus cannot travel by itself so far so it requires a medium like the droplets of cough or sneezing to move and then fall on the surface of the body in a few seconds. It spreads from person to person. It can be diagnosed by a small laboratory test.


The symptoms of Coronavirus include cough, fever, and shortness of breath, muscle aches, sore throat or unexplained loss of taste or smell. Coronavirus can be severe and in some cases death occurs by this disease.

Prevention & Protection:

To prevent from corona virus people are advised to avoid shake hands and keep social distances. People are advised to use Sanitizers or wash hands frequently and stay at home because there is no such vaccine for corona virus.

In 2003, SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) started in China and spread to other countries before December, 2004. It also attacked the respiratory system of human body. Covid 19 is similar to SARS because both are caused by Coronavirus but it’s examined that Covid-19 spreads faster than SARS and also may cause less severe illness.

So the best protection from this virus is to have physical and social distances from each other.

End Notes:

So We at The Rizwitz Solutions advises you to stay at home and stay safe in order to have a healthy life and healthy Pakistan.

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